Together, we have:

  • 4 Master's Degrees
  • 2 Unfinished PhD's
  • 1 amazing carrot oatmeal cookie recipe
  • 14 pairs of Asics Nimbus 11's
  • 2 good-natured pets and 1 surly one
  • a bajillion JetBlue points
  • 1 caftan
  • 1 pair of formal shorts
  • an insanely huge extended family

We like to think of ourselves as storytellers. We bring stories—whether yours or your brand's—to life. Here's our story. 

ELISABETH will always refer to Northern California as home, but New York is a close second (and not just because it’s fun to play the “that’s my neighborhood!” game while watching movies).  If you run into her at a crowded event, she will probably be learning someone’s life story over a glass of wine; or she might be wearing her non-prescription glasses, which mysteriously allow her to adopt the otherwise uncomfortable identity of an extrovert.  She lives in San Francisco with her husband, daughter, son, dog, and cat, but likes to think of her house as the site of an urban commune movement with her sister living right downstairs.

MIYA was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is the product of two cultures, two coasts, and an adulthood fervently hoping someone will invent a teleportation device so she can live in two cities at once. She likes her friends like she likes her bourbon: well-aged and complex. If bourbon could swear, that would be a plus, too. Miya loves documentaries on astronomy and oceans and would never admit to wanting to throw things at the TV and yell “NERD!” whilst watching them.  She lives in Brooklyn with her daughter, her husband, and her cranky dog, who cracks himself up by occasionally faking his own demise.

TOGETHER, we’re You + ME*, a creative agency in New York and San Francisco. Most importantly, we’re friends, and we have been since long before we started this business. Our friendship has seen marriages, loss of loved ones, career changes, pregnancies, and the births of our children. Over time, we’ve found ourselves navigating our changing lives by telling stories about lessons learned from the extended community of women (and men) in our lives. The experiences were fleeting; the stories endured. The experiences of others shape us, and by understanding others, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.